Has that Used Vehicle Been Wrecked Before?

March 13th, 2019 by


When you go to buy a used car, one of the things you’ve got to be aware of is whether the vehicle has been in an accident. A minor fender-bender is one thing, but if a vehicle has been in a serious accident, there is always the chance that the car has suffered damage to its frame, and a bent frame is something you’ll want to avoid. But how can you tell? Here’s the thing—it’s relatively easy to repair superficial and cosmetic damage to a wrecked car, but making repairs that address damage to a vehicle’s frame is almost always labor intensive. If the vehicle’s deeper, more critical repair needs have been neglected, you’ll want to know.

You can begin by always getting the vehicle’s Carfax report. At Champion Chevrolet of Fowlerville, every pre-owned vehicle we sell comes with a Carfax vehicle report, and we do our absolute best to insure that your used car is in the best condition possible. Other dealers, however, or even private individuals trying to sell you a car, might not be as diligent as we are at Champion. In cases like this, it usually comes down to the adage let the buyer beware: caveat emptor.

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