The Importance of Checking Your Tire Pressure Regularly

February 21st, 2019 by

Check Tire Pressure Champion Chevy Fowlerville

Having the tires of your vehicle properly inflated is a pretty big deal. Properly inflated tires—including having all four tires at the correct pressure—ensures a smooth ride, optimum fuel efficiency, and the best possible control of your vehicle. And when we refer to maintaining the utmost control of your car, we’re pretty much talking about your personal safety, something very important to all of us at Champion Chevrolet of Fowlerville.


In addition to a daily visual inspection, the air pressure in your tires should be checked at least once a month—especially when the weather is cold. This will require an air pressure gauge, an item that can be found at practically any auto parts store, hardware store or big box retailer. Pressure gauges are also notably inexpensive. Furthermore, checking the air pressure in your tires is quick and simple. Simply follow the steps below.


  1. After locating your tire’s air valve, remove the cap at the end of the valve. (Simply unscrew it counterclockwise.)


  1. Press your tire gauge against the open valve stem. (Don’t be alarmed when you hear a slight hiss; this is normal.)


  1. Check the dial on the air pressure gauge. (If your gauge is newer, it may have a small digital screen instead of a dial.)


  1. There will be a number indicated on your gauge’s dial or display. Compare this number to the manufacture’s recommended tire pressure.


  1. Based on the recommended pressure, either add more air to your tire or release some air.


  1. Lastly, replace the tire’s air valve cap by screwing it back on.



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